Chinese Medicine: Ancient Medicine – Modern Understanding

Tuesday, 10/31 at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Wednesday, 11/01 at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Do you struggle to understand how Chinese medicine fits into the modern view of the body? Does your (healthy) skepticism sometimes make you doubt what Chinese medicine teaches? Would you like to understand Chinese medicine better... so you can practice better? The author of The Spark In The Machine, Dr Keown, invites you to come learn how easy it is to really understand the basics of Chinese medicine. This course builds upon the book to delve deeper into qi, the channels, and the jing luo system; the functions and anatomy of the organs; and an understanding of the pathogens and substances. The course will leave you with a much clearer view of what you are doing as a practitioner and a greater respect for both your patients and Chinese medicine. Included in the course is a practical afternoon involving Dr. Wang Ju-Yi style channel palpation.

Daniel Keown

Daniel first became interested in acupuncture in his teens, when his octogenarian grandmother would return from her trips to China and tell him of the great tradition of Chinese medicine. He then made it his life’s work to get acupuncture and Chinese medicine fully integrated within the Western medical system. To this aim he completed not only a degree in Western medicine, in 1998, but also Chinese medicine in 2008. Realizing that there were still major aspects of Chinese medicine that were poorly understood (or maybe taught), he continued to study. In 2011, he travelled to China to learn under Dr. Wang Ju-Yi in Beijing. It was here that he realized that the key to understanding acupuncture lay in the embryology and awareness of space within the body. In 2014, he published his best-selling book The Spark in the Machine, which shows how Western science validates Chinese medicine. The understanding of the fundamental scientific nature of Chinese medicine, qi, and channels continues to guide, illuminate, and instruct Daniel’s work and practice. When not working, he lives with his wife and two children in Tunbridge Wells in the UK, tending his allotment and dreaming of surfing the perfect wave.