Classical Chinese Dietary Medicine

Wednesday, 11/01 at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Dietary therapy has always been considered the highest form of healing among physical modalities of Chinese medicine. As a regular staple of life, food plays a significant role on one’s level of energy, moods and emotions, and sleeping cycles. During the classical era, the use of food and the impact of the environment on food sources were substantially different than today. Utilizing the observations from classical Chinese medicine, this course will examine and explore the dynamics of food and its selection based on the seasons, wellness, and illness.

Jeffrey Yuen

Jeffrey is a frequent lecturer at Pacific Symposium. Coming from a classical Chinese medical approach, he offers different perspectives to understanding the rigors of Chinese medicine. He comes from two Daoist traditions: the Shangqing and Quanzhen schools. He was instrumental in developing the first classical Chinese medicine doctoral program in the state of California and is the Director of Classical Studies in Daoist Traditions at an acupuncture school in Asheville, NC. He was the first recipient of the “Educator of the Year” award, conferred by the AAAOM. Jeffrey is most noted for bringing the influence of Daoism into the practice and teachings of Chinese medicine. He resides in New York City and serves as President of the International Tai Chi Institute.