Introduction to Real Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Sunday, 11/05 at 9:55 AM to 10:45 AM

Traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis has several thousand years of history. Its value has been solidly proven, whether it was recognized by modern science or not, having been widely used across the whole medical profession in modern times… but it also has been facing some challenges. We must standardize the measurement process of pulse diagnosis, so that every medical professional can use it with proper training, and we must increase recognition of the clinical value of traditional pulse diagnosis so that the whole medical profession and general public can benefit from it. This course is designed to achieve the purpose of resolving some of these challenges.

Jian Min Fan

Dr. Jian Min Fan received his medical degree and master’s degree of TCM from the world-famous Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine during the 1980s. Upon graduating with honor, he was appointed as a professor at Nanjing University of TCM and a physician at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM. He has been published many times and contributed to the national standard textbook in China several times, until 1991, when he came to the United States of America. He has since been a professor and a clinical supervisor at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and runs a clinic in San Diego. His wealth of knowledge in both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, his artistic lecture and teaching style, and his sterling reputation have earned him respect and appreciation from students, colleagues, and consumers.