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Wu Wei Zi: Fruit for Peak Performance—Modern Discoveries

Saturday, 10/27 at 9:00 AM to 9:50 AM

Wu Wei Zi, the dried fruit of the Schizandra vine, has a long history of use, primarily as a treatment for lung disorders and as an astringent, but modern research has uncovered other applications that point to enhancement of mental and physical function. This presentation will explore the development of Wu Wei Zi arising from research efforts during the past sixty years and its new clinical applications. The original applications of Wu Wei Zi, as recorded in ancient texts, mostly point to its inclusion as a minor ingredient in formulas for lung diseases and for astringent effects. This early work led to Wu Wei Zi as a frequently used herb, but one which did not generate much interest in further development. Perhaps the most important ancient use came with the formula Sheng Mai San, the pulse-generating powder that has become an important base for modern prescriptions. During the post-revolutionary period in China, research into Wu Wei Zi's effects on the brain and immune system became a new area of interest, stimulated by research outside of China. Most practitioners of Chinese medicine tend to use Wu Wei Zi according to its more limited ancient applications, so this presentation will broaden the understanding of its clinical use, particularly for enhancing performance.

Subhuti Dharmananda

Subhuti Dharmananda received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California in 1980. He traveled to China several times, the first visit in 1977 and most recent in 2001, and has collected a large library of books and journals involved with traditional medicine. In addition to ITM, Subhuti Dharmananda helped initiate People's Herbs Incorporated, All-The-Tea Company, and Dharma Consulting International, and has been a consultant to several major herb companies, including Fmali Herbs (maker of Good Earth Teas), Health Concerns (maker of Chinese Traditionals), and Sen (maker of Sen traditional herbal formulae and other products). He has been an editor, reviewer, and contributor to several journals involved with traditional medicine, including the International Journal of Oriental Medicine, the Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine, and Herbalgram.


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