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Shonishin, and Other Easy Ways to Treat Children from Birth to Seven Years

Saturday, 10/27 at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Attendees will learn about the Japanese method called Shonishin, translated as “children’s needles”, used for the treatment of children ages 0-7. Shonishin is a method of enhancing children’s health that can be used both for supplementing the immune system and recovery from certain children’s ailments. The material will be given in lecture and demonstration. This course will also include use of TCM herbal remedies and treatment strategies. When the people you know have children, it is great to be able to help from babyhood on. Shonishin, first popularized in southern Japan, is used to enhance childrens’ immunity, diagnose their constitutions, and get them through many common ailments. The main methods do not insert needles, but use gentle, brief tapping and rubbing of acupuncture channels. A lovely way of interaction, it can stand alone as treatment or be combined with herbs and other therapies. The workshop includes a demonstration of a once-a-month method for wellness, as well as techniques for acute and chronic issues. Whether you are experienced in treating children or want to begin now, this class will show quick, effective ways to positively influence childrens’ health.

Holly Guzman

In 1972, age 13, Holly studied acupuncture with help from the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan where she lived. There, she was given a booklet on curing deaf mutes. A few years later, Holly traveled to the Guang Zhou School for the Deaf Mute in China to see the successful acupuncture protocol in action. She also witnessed acupuncture anesthesia in major surgery, and national health care programs utilizing Chinese herbs. In 1979, Holly attended NESA, and a year later assisted Ted Kaptchuk to open an acupuncture program at a state hospital, a first in 1980. In 1983, Holly joined the first graduating class of ACTCM. Concurrently, she assisted Miriam Lee and studied with Yat Ki Lai, expert on herbal safety, from Lai’s lineage treating royalty. Lois Johnson M.D., an oncologist, is Holly’s mentor for advanced western herb studies, and Daoist Jeffrey Yuen inspires her applications of Chinese spiritual aspects in health. She has been greatly influenced by Kiiko Matsumoto, known for unsurpassed acupuncture results, with whom Holly continues studies. In 1985, Holly became one of the first faculty members of Five Branches University. She returned to the Orient for 7 months in 1987, to continue her training in Chinese medicine including doctorate studies at the Hefei TCM Hospital #1, Beijing TCM Hospital, and, with Kiiko, Manaka Hospital in Japan. Holly regularly lectures at major Chinese Medicine symposiums, one of the very few unpublished speakers with this honor. She is a contributing author in Acupuncture in Practice, The Natural Health First Aid Guide, and Breast Cancer/Breast Health. Holly has practiced in Santa Cruz, CA since 1983, specializing in women’s health, pediatrics, immune issues, cancer, and epilepsy. She currently teaches for the Masters, Doctorate, and Extension programs at Five Branches and offers students clinical training externships at her private practice. Her hobbies include growing Chinese and Western herbs, surfing and beekeeping.


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