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Classification and Clinical Application for Tai Yin Disease in Shang Han Lun

Thursday, 10/25 at 11:15 AM to 12:05 PM

Guohui Liu will present the theory and treatment of tai yin disease in the Shang Han Lun. Symposium attendees will learn to identify the early stage of tai yin disease, which has not been discussed in contemporary textbooks. Furthermore, the disorders of the channel and the disorders of the organ in tai yin disease will be classified and discussed in detail. Attendees will learn how to identify them from the perspective of qi transformation and, based on case studies, learn how to treat them. Tai yin disease in the Shang Han Lun is frequently related to digestive disorders. As early as the 3rd century, Zhang Ji recorded many diagnostic skills and formulas to treat tai yin disease which are applicable today. This presentation will classify information about tai yin disease in the Shang Han Lun into two categories: disorders completely belonging to tai yin disease and disorders partially belonging to tai yin disease. It will also discuss how to identify them according to Guohui Liu’s experience. He will analyze the formulas in detail. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how to manage these diagnostic skills and treatment approaches in clinical practice.

Guohui Liu

Guohui Liu studied Chinese medicine with his father, Luyan Liu, Prof. Ran Pin-Zhen and other well-known traditional doctors in China for over 30 years. He earned his MMed in internal medicine from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1985 and became an associate professor at the university in 1994. He distinguished himself not only in high appreciation from his students, but also favorable appraisal from his clients and his colleagues. Over more than three decades of training and practicing in Chinese culture, Classics in Chinese medicine and Internal medicine has made Guohui Liu an expert in treating digestive disorders, pain syndromes, male reproductive disorders, and infectious diseases by the combination of Chinese herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion and diet recommendations. He is the author of the highly regarded text, Warm Pathogen Diseases, A Clinical Guide (2001).


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